• Diana

Vanilla & Nutella Rolls

Hello my loves! I have a new recipe for you and you'll love this one!

YES YES, it is red because I had to be a little bit extra and decided to colour my dough instead of just letting it be.. I MEAN WHO DOES THAT? ...

But come on, it does look pretty neat, right?

Oh & yes, skip this step if you don't feel like adding food colouring, or don't and make it blue instead! how cool would that be?

I would recommend a really good food colouring gel that you can find on amazon:

Before getting to the recipe I want to continue telling you something about me first.... this way, you'll get to know who's behind Yeg Cream Tarts.

So, let me tell you a secret.. I had nothing to do with this industry or baking, I rarely baked.. You know all those successful bakers that have been baking since they were 2? Well.. I started 2.5 years ago, and I AM 29..

I dare to say, it worked out amazing!!..